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We have unique experience teaching Key Stage 2 & 3 (7 - 14 year olds) in our real world Game Builders Academy based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We’ve also been able to design our online content in collaboration with Key Stage 2 & 3 teachers so you can be assured that the level of teaching is both age appropriate and specific to your child's needs. 
Our courses are not designed for any beginner like a lot of other courses out there, instead our courses have been designed specifically for Key Stage 2 (7-14 year olds) to match their pace of learning, preferred learning styles and the knowledge that learning achievements need to be both acknowledged and rewarded.

What really makes our online courses stand out is the ability for parents and guardians to track their child's progress with full visibility of the lessons and learning outcomes. We understand that buying an online course for learning Unreal Engine/How to build a computer game from Game Builders Academy is an investment for your child's future and that parents want to be able to talk to their child about their game building journey and join in to celebrate with their children when they achieve their learning milestones.

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